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september 2018

The first airbag vest for motorcyclists embedding the In&motion system


The In&motion airbag system is embedded into an Ixon vest that can be worn under any type of jacket (leather or textile) and a certified back protector is integrated. An airbag vest comforms to the Ixon standards : light, breathable and perfectly suited to the motorcyclists needs, wathever their morphology.


No cable nor sensors on the bike. The In&box, the brain of the system, can detect a critical situation for the user and triggers the airbag inflatio. It takes less than 60 ms between the detection and the inflation at optimal pressure.


The data collected by the In&box are sent to the In&motion team that analyse them to update and optimize the system. Thanks to the evolving technology, you always get the optimized protection level.

airbag Vest

399€ ttc
Ixon vest price
(recommanded resale price)

Optimal protection

399€ ttc
Or from 12€/month, cancel anytime
Protection system activation

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